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kerser-ismylife-deactivated2012 asked: “follow me!!”


Anonymous asked: “what do you want in a best friend?”

someone i can tell anything,hung out everyday and on the weekend,talk all the time,be the best of friends,never fight and likes me for how i am.

Anonymous asked: “who are your best friends?”

Well i have to many to name, sorry 

Anonymous asked: “who is your guy best friend?”

humm prob , kyle butterfield :)

Anonymous asked: “B (. Y . ) bies!”

ahhaahhahah this made me laugh :’)

Anonymous asked: “you a idiot for dating that peachey bitch.”

yes i am.

Anonymous asked: “what do you want in a guy?”

i want a guy to be really nice to like me for who i am and that skates, surfs, has blue eyes, taller then me, has an amazing smile,and how hugs me all the time and that is not SHY and not Shy in front of his friends and that talks to me.

Anonymous asked: “why did you even date peachy??”

cause i thought he was nice and really hot but he was not nice and not hot he was just a dick ,